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He paraded four pieces of his collection ‘Signs’, creations made of silver, leather and minerals, pieces characterized by their gestural and specialist trend, highlighting the formal passion and energetic power they show. They are inspired by the four element signs: Fire Passion, Hope Water, Love Earth and Air Future. Signs jewelry becomes the magical talisman of the wearer. Signs’ is a new way to identify oneself, to be different.

She paraded two shows of her Sensations collection. Jewelry made emotion and experience. Gold pendant with fish-shaped jade, gold earrings with jades and precious stones. Gold and sterling silver jewelry with precious stones such as jades, opals and jaspers. For a cosmopolitan and different woman. Elegant and special. Joyful and vital.LUZ ADRIANA, ALUZINA DESING

Pendientes love is in the air 2021

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Por el momento, este tema no es tan popular como otros. Eres Aire (con Rozalén) no proporciona tanta energía como otras canciones pero, esta pista todavía puede ser bailable para algunas personas.

Eres Aire (con Rozalén) tiene un tempo de 156 BPM. Como esta canción tiene un tempo de 156, las marcas de tempo de esta canción serían Allegro (rápido, veloz y brillante). Basándonos en el tempo, esta canción podría ser una buena canción para tocar mientras corres. En general, creemos que esta canción tiene un tempo rápido.

La tonalidad de Eres Aire (con Rozalén) es Re Mayor. En otras palabras, para los DJs que emparejan canciones armónicamente, la clave de Camelot para este tema es 10B. Por lo tanto, la combinación perfecta de Camelot para 10B sería 10B o 11A. Mientras que el 11B puede dar un impulso de energía bajo. Para un impulso de energía moderado, usarías 7B y un impulso de energía alto puede ser 12B o 5B. Sin embargo, si quieres una baja energía, debes buscar canciones con una clave de camelot de 10A o 9B te dará una baja energía, 1B sería una moderada, y 8B o 3B sería una alta energía. Por último, el 7A te permite cambiar el estado de ánimo.

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ARIES (March 21-April 20) Work and business: you will create unnecessary conflicts in your work environment, from your haughtiness. Love: you enjoy the complicity that allows you to understand your partner at a glance.

GEMINIS (May 21-June 21) Work and business: demands arise at a time when everything weighs too much, calm down. Love: contradictory feelings will not allow you to have clarity in what you feel, reflect.

CANCER (June 22-July 22) Work and business: misunderstandings and misunderstandings will prevent you from accomplishing what you have planned. Love: changes in the way you feel will impact on your partner but will be of mutual benefit.

LEO (July 23-August 22) Work and business: put your experience at the service of what you are doing now, you will get recognition and success. Love: it is advisable to make a substantial change if you intend to resume an affective bond.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22) Work and business: do not complain and fight to open doors that seem to be closed. Love: your social and relationship life will expand as you meet people in new environments.